Is Mi Phone Indian? Are Mi phones made in India?

Is Mi Phone Indian?

Mi brand is the Subsidiary of Xiaomi company and Xiaomi is the Chinese company. So Mi is also a Chinese brand and operates under the Xiaomi company.

So many peoples in India have the same question in different forms Is Mi phone Indian? and in this post on, we are going to answer the complete details for this question. Similarly, many Mi phone users ask the question that are Mi phones made in India?

We are going to talk about all the detail of Mi phone manufacturing and assembling country details of the Mi brand origin.

Is Mi Phone Indian?

No. Mi is not an Indian company it is a Chinese company that operates under Xiaomi which is also established in China. Also, many parts of the Mi phone are manufactures in China and assembled in India. However, so many users have questions about Xiaomi phones are made in India or not?

So Mi is a Chinese company and not an Indian company. As well the company has its headquarters in India but it operates under the Xiaomi company rules and regulations.

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Are Mi phones made in India?

The Answer is No but we can say the Mi mobiles are assembled in India. however, many parts of the Mi mobiles are made in China. And then all the parts get assembled in the Indiana factories of Xiaomi. After the debut of the “China made and India made” a sentiment the Chiese company, Xiaomi has started the development of Mi phones in India. However, the phones are not completely made in India but mobiles only get assembled in India.

Similarly, talking about Redmi and POCO both the sub-brands of Xiaomi and both the companies also are Chinese companies. As well as the Xiaomi is the world’s largest Chinese tech company.

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