Top 10 MIUI 13 Features

Top 10 Miui 13 Features

Miui 13 is one of the best Modified Android ROM ever created. In the article, we explained the detailed information about the Top 10 MIUI 13 Features. The most awaited moment in Xiaomi history is scheduled for the last quarter of 2021. Xiaomi CEO, Lei Jun, will hold the “2021 Lei Jun Annual Speech”. Users to get the stable update after the official launch which is scheduled for the 4th Quarter of 2021, which might be in Early 2022 but yet this is not confirmed.

Below are the Latest Top 10 MIUI 13 Features that might be available after MIUI 13 rollout.
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1) Memory Fusion Technology:

One of the Top 10 Miui 13 features is Memory Fusion Technology which is also called as Memory Expansion feature. This feature helps to utilize idle Internal storage use as RAM for a better and more fluent experience. The memory Fusion Technology is the most useful feature for budget smartphones because they have low built-in RAM. This helps the user to get a more clean and seamless experience.

Memory Fusion Technology
Memory Fusion Technology

2) Floating Window Mode:

The second Top 10 Miui 13 feature is Floating Window mode. This mode is already available in the MIUI 12 update but in the latest Miui 13. Xiaomi is planning to make it one step further as the Game Floating Window option might be available in the future.

3) Clean Desktop Icons with Animations:

Users might be going to experience the clean and optimized desktop icons with customizable Animations after the launch of MIUI 13. Users can select their choice of Desktop Icons and they might select their taste of animations as well.

4) New Sound Effects & New Fonts:

Fourth out of the Top 10 Miui 13 features is New Sound Effects & New Fonts. Eligible devices who get the MIUI 13 update will get all new Sound Effects along with the latest New Fonts. This unlocks the advanced way to customize each eligible Device and makes the best customer satisfaction.

5) Smooth Touch Experience & Layer Rendering System:

After MIUI 13 update, users will experience a more smooth and clean touch Experience. MIUI 13 will Optimize the refresh rate by updating the UI. The terms render layers and render passes are sometimes used interchangeably. However, rendering in layers refers specifically to separating different objects into separate images, such as a layer each for foreground characters, sets, distant landscape, and sky.

6) Android 12 update:

We can Expect the Upcoming Android 12 update in all the Xiaomi Smartphones after MIUI 13 Update. The main reason is MIUI 13 is the most Advanced and Most Optimized UI in the history of Xiaomi. So it is much likely to count the Android 12 Update after the launch of MIUI 13.

7) Wallpaper Based Theme with Premium Animations:

The latest MIUI 13 is the beginning of all-new Wallpaper based Themes with Premium Animations. Xiaomi focused on the Optimization of Wallpaper Based Theme that will improve the customer experience by enabling the premium Animation features.

8) Optimized Power Saving Mode with Always-on Display:

As we all know that MIUI 12.5 and the above update have the most Advanced and most Optimized power-saving mode. Yet, Xiaomi is going to make this one step further by adding Super-Ultra power saving mode which can last for more than 30 days in certain conditions. Also, the Always-On Display will be more optimized so that users get this feature by utilizing this feature with the least battery usage.

9) Secured Privacy Option:

Xiaomi gave high attention to customer’s privacy. MIUI 13 will bring advanced and more powerful Secured Privacy for it’s users. Xiaomi stated in one of their meetings that the team will make sure that users get the most advanced and secured privacy option to protect their data.

10) Scheduling Flight Mode Option:

This feature is very useful for users who prefer to focus on their work/Tasks without interrupting by unwanted notifications and calls. Users can set a timer for their Flight mode that will help the user to focus on their work and will improve their overall performance.

This is the list of the Top 10 MIUI 13 features which is available after the launch of MIUI 13. You can always check the latest updates by going to our latest posts as we update the latest features every day.

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