What to Try First on a Xiaomi Gaming Laptop check special gaming features

xiaomi gaming laptop
Xiaomi gaming laptop

When people think of gaming laptops, Xiaomi isn’t always the first name that comes to mind, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t deserve to be included in the conversation. In fact, these laptops are performing better than just about any machine in their price bracket, making them a great choice for casual and hardcore gamers alike. But what should you do once you’ve got your brand new Xiaomi gaming laptop out of the box and set up? We’ve got a couple of suggestions on games to try out that will really show off how well put together these laptops are.

AAA Gaming Releases

With its Intel Core i7-9750H processor, the Xiaomi Gaming Laptop is more than capable of running most modern games even at the higher end of graphical settings. With a healthy 16 GB of RAM and 512GB SSD storage along with the most recent Nvidia graphics cards available for laptops. For players aching to have a go at the latest releases such as Cyberpunk 2077. Don’t expect to see any of the loading or framing issues that have plagued console gamers with this release while playing on the newest Xiaomi gaming machine.

Online Poker

Modern poker games might not have high-end graphics that you would expect to challenge a modern gaming machine, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t without their own challenges. Especially in online poker games, any interruption or slow-down can result in a poor player experience or, at the very worst, being booted from the game entirely, so its good that the Xiaomi has enough muscle to ensure that that isn’t a risk. While there are only a few states that have legalized online poker that can legally be played with real money, there are plenty of opportunities to play at sophisticated online platforms just for fun.

Civilization VI

The Civ series is always one of the biggest benchmarks for a gaming laptop’s power. Though it doesn’t have the most graphically intensive games, the number of processes that are required for a complex strategy game can make even high-end laptops grind to a halt. Add in the complication of playing over a local network or online and there is a lot of frustration that can come from playing the game. There are plenty of guides to help you get the most out of this sometimes delicate game, but the Xiaomi Gaming Laptop isn’t likely to run into these issues straight out of the box. Its hefty memory, both in RAM and SSD, keep it running smoothly when other laptops in its price range will struggle.

Online Gaming

MMORPGs are another genre of games that often cause machines to struggling. While this is a massively popular genre that is still going strong, there are a lot of games in it that can slow down older or lower spec machines. The high-end processor in the Xiaomi Gaming Laptop should be able to play just about any MMO you can throw at it, handling the multiple processes and sending data out over the network with ease.

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