Is Xiaomi Safe? Xiaomi Privacy Issues for users

Is Xiaomi safe

Xiaomi is the world’s Largest Cheap Smartphone Company and has a huge user base. Many Mi, Redmi, Xiaomi phone users have one concern that is Xiaomi is safe?

Xiaomi also manufactures many tech gadgets which collect many users data for working purpose. But many users always have one question is Xiaomi staling data?

Is Xiaomi safe?

According to data from Xiaomi company Xiaomi Claimed to be the safest OS MIUI. Incidents like Stage Fright(It is a virus that exploits vulnerabilities in Android’s multimedia function). Many Android phones are getting infected but MIUI OS had already security measures to handle this type of viruses.

The Xiaomi always takes early measures to handle malware or viruses and Patch the MIUI before it gets infected. Also, Xiaomi has a very good firewall to prevent access to the user’s database from Hackers.

If any breach found in MIUI it will get fixed with the next security patch level update. So we can say MIUI or Xiaomi is safe for us to use and secure data from hackers.

So for OS measures the Xiaomi is safe to use because it has very good security firewalls in MIUI. But According to many users and engineers the main problem is Xiaomi itself. However, This is just assumptions from some rivals and users.

Is Xiaomi Safe for Privacy

The Xiaomi company has huge data servers in China and data will be stored in the data centers. But is Xiaomi really spying on our privacy?

Our data directly posted to servers bases in China through the internet. Xiaomi always claims that the data is always safe with them But it is really true is Xiaomi spying? is Xiaomi safe?

According to Recent News many peoples claiming to have privacy concerns about the Xiaomi company. Xiaomi says they will track user’s behavior for improvements in MIUI and functionalities.

The Xiaomi says they have a unique identifier for Each device so they can track the user’s behavior But Xiaomi said we do not check the user’s details. Also, the Company said they do not check on user’s privacy for any reason.

According to many tests and conclusions, the Xiaomi stealing our data. Like user’s behavior data while using smartphone devices. But it is really true or Xiaomi stealing our privacy?

Xiaomi Can be trusted?

MIUI OS requires many permission access like Camera, Wifi, Bluetooth, Calls, Messages, and Contacts. According to some users complaining about Several Communities that if you check even a simple app like Mi Calculator, it requires the permission of location, wifi. This is the non-required permissions for a simple app like Calculator But still, the Mi Calculator app asks for Camera and wifi permissions.

Answer for that MI calculator question is given below:

The MI calculator app needs permission to Check the Online currency rate to a user currency converter. You can Disable the permission in settings. However, there is no answer for Camera permission for the Mi calculator app but we can complain about this to Xiaomi for changing the permissions setting for particular apps.

Is Xiaomi Spying?

We can’t directly say “Yes” or “No” to this question Is Xiaomi spying? Many users complaining about this and Xiaomi always proves the loyalty of the company to the users. But still, we have many things that describe the Xiaomi spying issues.

The apps like Mi calculator need Camera permission for no reason. So why need Camera permission for unnecessary reason. Also, Xiaomi has the own browser which tracks the user’s search history and steals the user’s behaviour for advertisement purpose. Also, Xiaomi accuses Forbes for this misrepresented facts.

However, Xiaomi claims that data collection is the best practice for improvements in features and performance. And the data is anonymous and no trace of the user’s identity.

Conclusion for Xiaomi Privacy issues

The final conclusion for Xiaomi Privacy policy issues and Xiaomi safe or not? It depends on the user’s own safety precautions. Xiaomi has its own MIUI Operating system and it is better than many other OS for Security bases from hackers. Also, Xiaomi smartphones are good according to cheap prices. For Spying on privacy we have to trust the company not only Xiaomi but also other smartphone companies and follow the basic safety rules for our data on smartphones.

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