Mi Airdots – Best wireless earphones Airdots to buy

Mi AirDots

Looking for a wireless earphone at a low price then you should go for Xiaomi Mi Airdots. Redmi AirDots comes under 20$ Price and this is a good price for this product.

If you are looking for buying the true Wireless earphone then you should be got for it.

mi airdots

Mi AirDots Price

The price of Mi Airdots comes under 20$ online you can check and buy these AirDots on bangood.com, gearbest, etc. top online shopping sites. Also, You can buy Redmi Airdots on Amazon.

Redmi AirDots Features

Redmi airdots

The Xiaomi AirDots Comes with incredible features which are listed as below:

Wireless Earphones + Wireless Charging

The Mi AirDots have true wireless stereo (TWS) technology that splits audio in both earbuds to deliver a truly wireless experience. With no wires for a tangle-free experience, the set comes with a charging box for storage and wireless charging, delivering extreme simplicity and convenience.

7.2mm Audio Drivers

The earphones have 7.2mm audio drivers, touted to produce deep bass and high-quality stereo audio.

5.8g Compact Structure

Lightness counts! Compact form counts! Each earphone weighs only 5.8g, which is lighter than a coin. The smooth, round body comfortably fixes in your ear for extended periods of time.

One Touch to Connect and Listen To the Original Sound

POP uses a touch control to operate. With a touch you can listen to music, make calls and access Voice Assistant.

Using Touch Controls to Make Your Ears Ease

The Xiaomi AirDots Lite earphones have a touch zone that lets you work with a voice assistant, play or pause music, or simply attend or reject a voice call with a touch. You can also touch the earbuds to mute an ongoing voice call – without using your connected phone

Bluetooth V5.0

Bluetooth v5.0 on the Xiaomi AirDots Lite. The latest Bluetooth connectivity support is backwards compatible; it can work with devices having Bluetooth v4.2 or older connectivity options. Also, it consumes less power and offers a longer operating range with lesser impact from Wi-Fi signals over previous Bluetooth versions.

300mAh Charging Dock

The Xiaomi AirDots Lite additionally come with a 300mAh charging dock that delivers 12 hours of power. You can put the headphones within the case to charge them, without using any external charging source.

Mi AirDots India

As Xiaomi has a good market in Asian countries so many visitors have a question that how to buy these Xiaomi Mi Airdots in India because these airdots are not available in stores, unlike other Xiaomi products.

But if you want to but this Airdots in India you can buy this on bangood.com or grearbest.com online shopping websites that ship this product to India.

Mi AirDots Price in India

This AirDots comes around 20$ price and if you buy this in India then you will get between price 1300-1400 India Rupees.

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