Miui 13 update for Mi 11X Pro: Release date, features, and Update details

MIUI 13 Update for Mi 11X Pro rollout date :

Hello Mi lovers, we have just got the news for MIUI 13 Update for Mi 11X Pro. Users can start getting the stable update in September but yet this is not confirmed. There is a high chance of receiving this update in Sept as MIUI 13 will launch in the last quarter of 2021.

Till now we all get to know that MIUI 13 Release date in India is August 2021. We expected the launch on 25th Jun 2021 but because of some minor updates as per the quality standards.
Xiaomi recently announced that the MIUI 13 launch event will be delayed from 25th June 2021 to the last quarter of 2021. This time Xiaomi is all ready to launch the latest version of MIUI 13 without any delay.
Everyone is excited for the most futuristic version of the latest MIUI 13 Update for Mi 11X Pro. The latest Xiaomi mobile phones will get the latest version of MIUI as soon as possible. Also, Xiaomi might update its users via social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. Stay tuned till the next latest update.

List of Elegible devices for MIUI 13:

The launch event is in the last quarter of 2021, and all the eligible devices will start receiving the beta versions. IF you want to know the full list of all the eligible devices the please click here.
MIUI 13 Release Date, Features, Eligible Devices List, release date in India

Mi 11X Pro
Mi 11X Pro

Features of MIUI 13 for Mi 11X Pro:

In this latest MIUI 13 update, users might get a more optimized battery backup as the MIUI will be more futuristic and more energy-saving as compared to the previous version. Also, this update is going to change the experience forever with the advanced HD wallpapers, 4K wallpapers and screen savers, etc.

Youtube video for Mi 11X Pro:

If you want to watch a review on youtube, I would recommend you watch this video for better understanding.

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MIUI 13 complete features, eligible devices list, release date:

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You can check Whether your device is Listed or not for MIUI 13 update

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MIUI 13 Update List: MIUI 13 Black Shark Update

  • Black Shark 3 Pro
  • Black Shark 3 
  • Black Shark 2 Pro
  • Black Shark 2
  • Black Shark 3S

above all are expected devices that are eligible for MIUI 13 but also, this is not an official announced list. So if your devices are not on the list then wait till Xiaomi announces the official devices List.

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